20 Things I Know To Be True About Life

Harsh, uncomfortable truths learned after 25 years

1. Everyone is just guessing.

2. No one cares what you do.

3. Talent is overrated.

4. Comparison is a plague.

5. Consistency leads to proficiency.

6. Relationships are messy.

7. Money exists to create freedom.

8. Health is wealth.

9. The world is massive.

10. Most people are good.

11. Everyone is creative.

12. Friendships take effort.

13. Human beings thrive in nature.

14. Automation is powerful.

15. Someone is always watching.

16. Regret is a painful teacher.

17. The first step is the most important one.

18. Vulnerability is a strength.

19. No one can live your life for you.

20. Life is finite.

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